Chauffeur Privé

Driver app

The Chauffeur Privé Driver app never really received loved before. With growing driver pains, we decided to redesign it to help them get a real work tool. Chauffeur Privé was lending iPhone 5 to the drivers, so the app was designed with that phone in mind.

Surge was really important to help drivers go to zones with high demand.

From the landing screen, drivers could choose which vehicle they’re driving with, see an overview of their earnings as well as notifications from riders.

Drivers desperately needed a way to track their performance and gains. We created a full dashboard helping them optimize their presence to get the most out of their driving.

When offered a ride, drivers would see the pickup and dropoff as well as the commission Chauffeur Privé was taking on the ride, the surge ratio and the full price of the ride.

With a full GPS solution integrated, they didn’t need an external app to go to the pickup point. And once there, they could call the rider to let them know where they are.

They would then drive to their destination using the internal GPS or another external app.

At the end of the ride, they would see a full overview of their earnings.