Third mobile app

When joining Luko in February 2019, the existing app was still being built but wasn’t really aligned with what the company wanted to do anymore. I started working on a new version of the app, aligning ideas with stakeholders, collaborating with PMs to build an app that would reflect what the company wanted to be, and aligned with iOS and Android visual design and patterns.

We had the crazy idea to replicate the web onboarding using chat-like interactions, which turned out way harder than expected to develop and was then abandoned.

Users could then customize their contract and subscribe right in the app.

The Activity tab would be your home monitoring system, featuring all Luko’s sensors data and as features like Vacation Mode that would send texts to your relatives or the police if something bad is detected while you’re away.

The contracts tab allows user to manage all aspects of their contract on the go, as well as subscribing new ones.

The Help tab allows users to file claims, get their space key back and get help from Luko’s artisan network at all times. We prioritized mobile for claims because it’s easier to take pictures of damages or invoices than to manage all that from a computer.

Finally, the menu regroups everything secondary, still trying to bring value to the user.