This is Luko’s web app, where users can sign in and manage their contracts. As part of an initiative to unify every web interface at Luko under one design system and visual language, I redesigned MyLuko in 2022.

After subscribing, users land on MyLuko. They’re greeted with info about their former contract termination as well as a setup process for their Luko account. This page also serves as a dashboard of their whole account, they can see their next bill and download documents.

From the contract page, we’re showing them the whole range of contracts they can subscribe, as well as all their active and inactive Luko contracts.

The contract details page allows them to view and make changes on every part of their contract. If they bought a new couch, had a baby or want to upgrade their guarantees, this is where they update their coverage.

From the Documents page, they can quickly access and download documents from all their contracts, as well as create special certificates for specific life moments.

The invoices page gives them lots of informations about their past and future invoices and allows them to choose when they want to be charged for their coverage.

The Giveback is a really big part of Luko, users can choose which charity they want to support through their premium.