B2B quickly became an important part of Luko. With real-estate deals going through agencies, a lot of call centers calling people about insurance, Companion was born to help Luko’s partners to subscribe Luko’s insurance products for their own clients.

As for B2C clients, Luko’s partners are able to get quotes for their own clients. While answering questions, they get access to previous answers and the ability to edit things if they made a mistake or if their client did. Some authorized partners can even pay over the phone with their client, while others can only send the finalized quote to their client.

To follow their performance, Luko offers them a dashboard with every important information they wanted, and for managers the ability to filter by agent.

The Prospect page allows them to follow the journey of all their prospects, continue where they left off as well as remind their prospects to sign their contract.

Once a prospect signs, their contract is activated and appears in the Contracts page. With these contracts details, authorized partners and the Luko team can make changes and see details of members contracts.

The User page, only available to Luko’s customer service, is an overview of every user, their account, their activity, their contracts, their invoices, so Luko’s CS can help users when they need it.