Starting Feb, 2021, I worked on creating a new onboarding that would answer Luko’s prospects’ needs better. After interviews, prototyping, iterations, and tests the new onboarding was released on Oct, 2022.

User seemed attached and used to the conversational aspect of buying insurance. We tried to replicate that throughout the onboarding with how we’re asking questions and also explaining why we needed these information upfront.

The whole onboarding is mostly made of steps focused on one single question to make it easy to fill and give an impression of fast progress.

For more complex steps, we’re giving users all the information they need to fill their answers in, trying to answers their question before they even ask.

Current contract termination is a very sensitive topic, as users may or may not be eligible for a new contract right now. We’re explaining that complex topic to them throughout the onboarding to help them understand how it works, and why they are or aren’t eligible.

Users then land on the offer page, with an overview of their price. Customization is a big part of creating a contract that fit their needs as well as just knowing the things they’re covered for, the main CTA reflects that. Other users don’t really care and just want to get covered, the secondary CTA is here for them.

On the previous pricing page, users were scrolling all the way down to the guarantees before coming back up to enter other information. That page was designed with that in mind, ordering blocks by order of importance for users. The most important thing for them is their guarantees.

Valuables were previously super hard to understand, with different thresholds per category. With this new policy, the Luko team simplified everything, setting an unique threshold and allowing users to add valuables one by one to make sure everything is well covered.

When adding specific things to a policy, we’re highlighting relevant coverage they didn’t turn ON to help users get the best out of Luko, increasing the average basket.

One of our users’ big fear, is Luko’s capacity to manage their claim efficiently, and the compensation going with it. To reassure and convince them, we added a block detailing our claim management process, based on real data.

Subscribing is as easy. Users just have to check the 4 boxes, double-check the coverage they selected with the cart-like section and enter their payment method.