Chauffeur Privé

Rider app

The Chauffeur Privé app was kind of dated circa 2018, and wasn’t following iOS or Android standards. We decided to redesign it in the iOS and Android styles so that users would be used to the app’s patterns and layouts, as well as updating the user experience to be in line with competitors. At that time, Uber also introduced their “Where to” input.

Previously, Chauffeur Privé’s philosophy was to first confirm the pickup spot. We thought about why users opened the app, and introduced the “Where do you want to go” input.

That order screen was previously super heavy, with tons of info on the card. We re-focused it on what mattered: which type of car users want, and how to pay.

Back then, geolocation was kind of approximative. We had users ordering cars blocks away, so we introduced that pickup location confirmation. That screen also suggested pickup spots closer to the driver’s route for a quicker pickup.

One of the big pains of the pickup for users was to find their driver. They previously relied on the number plate only to be sure they’d get in the right car. With this new release, we added a photo of the car in the right color to solve that pain.

Chauffeur Privé offered pretty long driver waiting time, to let users get ready before hopping in. They had 5 minutes free, and then 10 more minutes paid.

While in ride, they were able to change the destination as well as share their ETA. The Contact button was there because sometimes, driver started the ride without the user inside their car.

At the end of their ride, users could rate the driver, give them feedback and a tip.