Fourth mobile app

Almost 2 years after designing the v3, Luko wanted to expand its services and bring more value to its users. The v3 couldn’t really satisfy these needs, so I started working on a new version of the app, maintaining the features we had, but reorganizing everything so the new vision could come to life.

The new Home tab first serves as an onboarding tab, helping new users setup their Luko account. Once all set, it becomes the overview of their home as well as a news tab. Sensors being super hard to design and create, they were abandoned for an integration of Linky and Gazpar, still helping users track their energy consumption.

The Insurance tab regrouped the previous Contract and Help tab, putting everything insurance at the same place. The contract part didn’t evolve that much, but for the addition of new features like the billing frequency choice.

As for the Claims part of the Insurance tab, we added more ways for users to know how to deal with claims, as well as a more detailed tracking of their ongoing and past claims.

This new Artisan tab expanded the services Luko offered to clients. The Home checkup service helped users get professional help from Luko’s construction experts, tutorials helped them carry out home-related projects, the repair network could also help them in that regard.

Wanting to be present at every step of our users’ lives, we added a Tinder-like home searching feature. Listings were gathered from multiple sources to help users get the wider view possible on the market.

The menu itself didn’t move so much neither, we’ve mainly added a new Perks section that highlights our partners offers and make it easy for Luko members to redeem them.